Our Story

Not Too Sweet Craft Sodas Soft Drinks Founders Elaine Van Cam Hoffmann

We’re Cam and Elaine the founders of Not Too Sweet craft sodas. Gather round the fire and let us tell you the story of how our little soda company came to be.

Imagine Germany in the summer of 2017. The heatwave mercilessly beating down on our pasty faces. The threat of sunburn is very real. We find refuge in a local burger joint in Dusseldorf. We order burgers and look out the window. People are melting, dogs are collapsing under the weight of their own collars, we sure could use a cold drink. A cola arrives, it’s not your standard Coke but local craft soda and it tastes pretty good! Thirst quenched, we wonder; why don’t we start our own craft soda company back home?

Not Too Sweet Craft Sodas Local Soft Drinks Vancouver Founders Elaine Van Cam Hoffmann Farmers Market

Slinging soda pops as Canoe Cola at the farmers market in 2019.